Noel Aguilar

Senior Manager

Noel moved here from El Salvador in 1981 and came to USC in 1982. He served USC Housing for seven years and moved to USC Transportation 1989. He is now responsible for permit sales, customer service, and cash operations. He holds a Computer Language Certification from the Viterbi School of Engineering as well as a Business Management Certification from USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Gabe Badillo

Associate Director of Guest Relations

Gabe joined USC in 2008. He oversees guest relations at the UPC and HSC campuses, including special events and entrance operations. He is a former Marine, and he has held leadership positions at United Parcel Service, Federal Express, DHL Express, and Eagle Global Logistics. He was a City Commissioner for the City of Laguna Hills. He attended Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, California.

David Donovan

Associate Director, Health Sciences Campus

David Donovan has worked for USC for over twenty-three years, and been with USC Transportation since 2012. As the Associate Director, Health Sciences Campus, David oversees all Transportation operations at HSC, including permit sales, daily sales, special events and projects, including Capital Construction projects such as the new San Pablo Structure. David also coordinates the Alternate Rideshare and Permit Sales divisions for both campuses, as well as the D.A.R.T. program, front counter, and external communications functions.
David is a two-time USC alumnus (BA, Psychology 1994; MBA 2000), and is very active in the USC community, mainly as a lifetime member of the Staff Retirement Association, and an elected member of the USC Staff Assembly.

Chris Wilson

Senior Associate Director, Guest Relations and Special Events

Chris joined USC in 2015 as the Senior Associate Director, Guest Relations and Special Events. Prior to USC, he held the position of Vice President of Operations at Classic Tents in Los Angeles where he was responsible for multiple event installations across the county, including the USC Field Suites and Audi Double-Deckers Suites at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Chris attended California State University, Dominguez Hills and majored in business administration.

Michelle Garcia

Senior Associate Director

Michelle began her career at USC in 2007 as an Operations Performance Manager responsible for audits and process improvement. Michelle’s current responsibilities include overseeing operations for USC Buses, Campus Cruiser, Enforcement, Fuel Station and Maintenance. She also plays a key role in identifying technology improvements for these departments and permit sales. Michelle has a B.A. in Communications from California State University, Fullerton and over 15 years of management experience within the transportation industry.

Tony Mazza

Tony has been the Director of Transportation since 2008. Before 2008, Tony served as Transportation’s Senior Associate Director for transit operations at USC.

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